I am extremely proud to announce that I was recently endorsed by #VOTEPROCHOICEan extraordinary national organization dedicated to mobilizing voters to support candidates that reflect the values of supporting women and minorities’ choices in healthcare and life.  They provide reproductive rights support (and accountability) to partners while generating connections and collaborations across movement.


Their partners include:

  • The Women’s March
  • Indivisible
  • United States of Women
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Lady Parts Justice
  • Our Revolution
  • Credo Mobile, and more.



It is their mission to expand the pro-choice movement and win elections. They also participate in cross-movement work like Movement Vote, Democracy Alliance, and Voices for Progress. They have been featured in the New York TimesVogue and Rolling Stone for the incredible work they do.


This endorsement is incredibly important to me because we are seeing vital healthcare services for women and the LGBTQ community being dismantled and defunded by our elected leaders on all levels, and employers have been given control over the reproductive services their female employees can access.


Neither the government nor employers should have authority over anyone’s sexual sovereignty.


One of my top four platform issues is Separation of Religion and State. The reality is that almost every attack on women’s sexual freedom and the LGBTQ community is a result of elected leaders trying to pass laws to force their own religious interpretations on society.


No one has religious liberty unless everyone has religious liberty, and that includes people who don’t want religion at all.


All women should have the freedom to choose what they do with their own bodies; it is a basic human right. Medical choices should be private and personal, without unnecessary government involvement


70% of voters want abortion to be safe, legal, accessible, affordable, and respectful. Yet state legislatures have passed 318 restrictions on abortion and reproductive health - forcing over 300 clinics serving women and the LGBTQ community to close.


The law of the land is Roe vs. Wade and Whole Woman’s Health. It’s time our elected leaders respect those laws.


A right over our own body is the most intimate right imaginable.


Politicians should be voting for the good of the people, not to further their own worldviews. 


I encourage you all to learn more about this exceptional organization at voteprochoice.usand get involved in whatever way you can. Most importantly, vote for pro-choice candidates this coming election.


You have the power to make a difference in the lives of many with one vote because votes are priceless and cannot be bought.  


I am grateful for the support of #VOTEPROCHOICE. Sexual sovereignty is a freedom that I am passionate about, and I intend to bring this fight with me to Washington after the election is over. Help me get there so I can spark some real change and protect all our freedoms.

Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate