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How Can You Help?

August 28th is closer than ever! I am on the campaign trail every single day, giving it my very all. But the truth is, I cannot meet every single person in Arizona. Despite how many doors we knock on (join us!) or how many events I attend, there are people who have to be reached alternatively. That's where you come in.

We're Officially on the Ballot!

We have some big news!! 7,764. Seven thousand, seven hundred and sixty four.  That's how many of you signed my petition.  When I started this campaign over a year ago, critics said we’d never even make the ballot. Fortunately I didn’t listen to the critics, I listened to the people!

My Story is the American Story

My story is the quintessential American Story. My journey is your journey. I was born and raised in Arkansas, the youngest of four girls raised by a single parent. My mom worked two or three jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I remember her always being tired, so tired. But even three jobs were not enough to afford health insurance, so my mother lived in constant fear, knowing we were one ER visit or serious illness away from being homeless.  

A Campaign Free of Corporate Money

Campaign finance reform is a must. Citizens United was a disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed big business to pour unlimited money into the political landscape, eroding the power of the people and giving special interests a direct highway to influencing our government. Corporations want there to be only one way into Washington, and it’s a toll road.

August 28th Statement

We started this race with the intention of raising the expectations for this office and demonstrating what a positive, people-powered campaign looks like… one that includes accessibility, accountability, and transparency.

We accomplished those goals and more, connecting with people all over the state, regardless of party affiliation or political perspective. We thank all our supporters and volunteers for their amazing work that inspired us. We now plan to focus on November with the same aspirations, excitement, and passion on behalf of the amazing Democrats that will be on the ballot in November.

In 2018, Arizona will elect the first woman Senator in our history... and that woman will be Kyrsten Sinema! #UnitedWeRise #LetsGetTheDemPartyStarted

Perceptions of Bias

We are in the middle of the most important election year in Arizona. We have elections from the top to the bottom of the ballot and local elections have never been more crucial than they are this year. We also have more primaries than we’ve ever had before.


Primaries are exciting because we get to really see who our candidates are and how they perform under the pressure of being challenged…. and our candidates have the opportunity to become better because they are challenged.


Primaries are intended to give the voters options through which they can determine whom best aligns with their values and expectations.


Democratic organizations are intended to create a platform for candidates to reach voters, thus giving voters the opportunity to more closely inspect and question candidates.


But primaries also have challenges because we must make tough decisions between candidates from our same party.


It can be uncomfortable.

The Beauty of the Primaries

Primaries are exciting because we get to really see who our candidates are and how they perform under the pressure of being challenged…. and our candidates have the opportunity to become better because they are challenged. Not just challenged politically, but challenged on a deeper level because they are facing a candidate with many of the same values, from the same party platform.


Primaries are intended to give the voters options and to allow voters to determine whom best aligns with their values and expectations. Who represents what they want in a person asking for their priceless vote.


We have been under the illusion that Arizona is a prejudiced and conservative state. A ‘red’ state. 

Political Sign Liberation Day!

June 18th is political sign liberation day!

That means that as of June 18th, no local government entity or community association can prohibit signs inside or outside of your own home. But, there are some rules. Read on for more info. 

National Net Neutrality Rules Have Officially Disappeared

Today marks the day that national net neutrality rules officially disappear.

As you may know, the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted six months ago to repeal the rules, which regulated major telecommunications companies and made the internet an even playing field for all. It is telling that more than 20 states have filed a lawsuit to stop the repeal from taking effect. The Senate also passed a measure to preserve the law a month ago but the House refused to act on it in time.

When will politicians begin to listen to their constituents?

What the repeal means for all of us is this: internet providers, rather than internet users, now control the web.

Internet providers will now have the opportunity to prioritize their own content and holdings above others, making it difficult for smaller websites to compete with the YouTubes and Googles of the world. Consumers will most likely be charged more for access to certain websites the providers don’t want us to see. These changes won’t happen overnight, but they will happen.

So, what can we do now?



Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate