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Deedra is only candidate that I 100% agree with. ❤️

I’m tired of making excuses for my public officials. We need fresh, enthusiastic leadership.

I feel like Deedra is the progressive candidate we desperately need to help keep America from losing all the gains we made in the fight for equality

Sales, 3 Di

Deedra is the most progressive candidate in Arizona, a true champion of the people.

Sometimes the underdog is the favorite.

Deedra is interested in serving the interests of ALL her constituents, she is not interested in serving a party but a people. She is insightful, empathetic, educated and ready for the US Senate! Deedra! Deedra! Deedra!

Deedra gives me hope.

One day last year I found out that Deedra had been in my town of Casa Grande the day before. I was bummed as I couldn’t be too far from home because I was sick with cancer. She responded by coming all the way from Sierra Vista to visit with me at my home! She is a very kind and loving soul!!! She lifted my spirits and I’ll never forget that day for as long as I live. If she cared enough to come visit with me at my home when I wasn’t well enough to go see her, I know she’ll care enough to represent me in Washington D.C. Deedra has won my heart and my vote!!!

For so long, I have felt our elected officials did not listen to what we really need. Sure, they say they “hear us” but in the end they did what lobbyists wanted. Deedra listens and talks to us to try to find solutions that benefit us as a whole. It doesnt matter our party affiliation, to her we are all important and she truly wants to make positive changes.

Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate