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I endorse Deedra Abboud for U. S. Senate because she represents the issues I hold dear. From her support of Medicare for All to tuition-free college education and LGBTQ rights, I know Deedra is the best candidate to represent the constituents of Arizona. Her commitment to not take money from corporations and special interests demonstrates Deedra’s moral clarity in a political landscape often filled with politicians who work for their donors and not the people. Deedra is going to work for everyone, and that’s why my choice to endorse her was an easy one!

Deedra is the only candidate for Senate I can whole-heartedly vote for!

Deedra is the real deal. Rejecting corporate PAC money and committing to People First policies is imperative now more than ever. A vote for Deedra is a vote for transparency and true representation!

Deedra is a candidate that speaks to all of the issues that concerns all of us with knowledgeable responses that make sense – and she is willing to engage and speak to and with the community!

I avoid politics on social media, or in conversation. However I recently posted this on my social media page:

I guess you could consider my stance on being
PRO-HUMANITY a political position. Being the love I want to see in the world…that is what I strive to be.

As my friend The Sober Junkie says:
“Teach people about people so people can LOVE LOVE LOVE.”
LOVE….is my political party. And teaching people about humans so we can understand each other, is my passion.

Last year I held a conference about HUMAN TRAFFICKING, sexual trauma and PTSD. I invited EVERY official I could, offering free entry. No one even responded but SHE did and she attended. Last year I also held a conference about SUICIDE & Bullying….again I invited every single official I could. SHE not only attended again, she was a presenter at the conference. This year I held an event around LOVE, adoption and black history. SHE attended AND personally connected me to VIP’s that could support the cause and helped me spread the word and shared my posts on Facebook. She even participated in my PSA for The Just Be Love Project.


I have watched her get harassed and be threatened (And I mean her life) and she respond with grace even giving individuals an opportunity to share opposing views. I have watched her answer every single difficult question…straight forward, her actual stance and logic, in a calm manner. There is NO guessing where she stands. She is transparent.

She also has funded her campaign with ZERO big corporate money…go look! You can see EXACTLY what she had done. She has traveled all around the state of Arizona personally meeting with people, communities and those on the fence. She has ensured people register to vote. And her official ‘press’ is her best friend Tara Ijai who spreads LOVE via Sunglasses….my kind of woman.

I am voting for/supporting/standing behind Deedra Hill Abboud for US Senate. She is literally the very first political candidate that I have publicly endorsed. She is also the very first candidate that I feel has actually CARED about me personally, my vote, my work and what I have to say. There is not one single other candidate or politician that has personally connected to me and supported ANY of my social awareness causes.

But beyond that it is not even based on a political party, or a political stance, though I do agree with a lot of her logic and approach. I feel like PEOPLE matter to her and PEOPLE matter to ME. I also feel like I personally matter to her, and I am now returning the love. <3

Plus, she wears Love Glasses everyplace she goes.
That is pretty cool.

If you are interested in learning more about her check out her page at Deedra 2018.
And check out her Campaign Chronicles on Facebook.

#Deedra2018 #campaignchronicles

I fully endorse Deedra Hill-Abboud for US Senate because I agree with ALL of her platform and that is not an easy thing to do. I love that she doesn’t make promises, she signs contracts. I love that she is smart, capable and knows the laws of our great nation. I love that she stands for all people, not just some. I want an equal and equitable Arizona, don’t you?

I’m excited by your campaign. A true progressive with a voice who is not afraid to speak out.

Wfg, Wsb

Finally I see someone speaking with a hearth of love to the community, I with Deedra all the way.

Deedra is only candidate that I 100% agree with. ❤️

Not Employed, Not Employed

I’m tired of making excuses for my public officials. We need fresh, enthusiastic leadership.

Not Employed, Not Employed

I’m tired of making excuses for my public officials. We need fresh, enthusiastic leadership.

I feel like Deedra is the progressive candidate we desperately need to help keep America from losing all the gains we made in the fight for equality

Sales, 3 Di

Deedra is the most progressive candidate in Arizona, a true champion of the people.

Sometimes the underdog is the favorite.

Deedra is interested in serving the interests of ALL her constituents, she is not interested in serving a party but a people. She is insightful, empathetic, educated and ready for the US Senate! Deedra! Deedra! Deedra!

Deedra gives me hope.

One day last year I found out that Deedra had been in my town of Casa Grande the day before. I was bummed as I couldn’t be too far from home because I was sick with cancer. She responded by coming all the way from Sierra Vista to visit with me at my home! She is a very kind and loving soul!!! She lifted my spirits and I’ll never forget that day for as long as I live. If she cared enough to come visit with me at my home when I wasn’t well enough to go see her, I know she’ll care enough to represent me in Washington D.C. Deedra has won my heart and my vote!!!

For so long, I have felt our elected officials did not listen to what we really need. Sure, they say they “hear us” but in the end they did what lobbyists wanted. Deedra listens and talks to us to try to find solutions that benefit us as a whole. It doesnt matter our party affiliation, to her we are all important and she truly wants to make positive changes.

Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate