How Can You Help?

August 28th is closer than ever!

I am on the campaign trail every single day, giving it my very all. But the truth is, I cannot meet every single person in Arizona.

Despite how many doors we knock on (join us!) or how many events I attend, there are people who have to be reached alternatively. That's where you come in.

There are three big ways you can help:

1. Show Your Support

A sign outside your house, a Deedra 2018 shirt worn proudly to the grocery store, a bumper sticker on your car, a share on social media... showing your support helps extend the reach of our campaign. 

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2. Host an Event

Host an event at your house, community center, church, book club... wherever! If you've seen Deedra speak, you know she ALWAYS brings the passion and fun

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3. Donate

Your donation to our grassroots campaign helps with everything -- from bottles of water on our road trips to getting yard signs printed.. your donations propel everything we do!

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Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate