Justice Democrats



I am proud to announce that I have officially been named a Justice Democrat, making me one of 51 committed candidates who are refusing corporate PAC money and fighting for a progressive future.


Justice Democrats coalition is based on the idea of reforming the corporate and special interest controlled federal government. Our plan is to build a “strong Democratic Party that doesn’t cater to corporate donors and will fight for the average American.”


I am a Justice Democrat because my campaign was founded on the mission of working for the people, not corporations. It’s a pledge I made on day one, and signing on with Justice Democrats (much as I did with Candidates with a Contract) solidifies my message that corporations and special interests should never have more power over our elected leaders than you.


This race is about the people, and about making the largest and positive impact possible for our community and for our world. It’s about showing up in public spaces and engaging with the voters. I’m excited to work with Justice Democrats to achieve this.



Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate