PHOENIX, AZ: On April 13, 2018 Arizona Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Deedra Abboud released the following statement in response to the Syrian Airstrikes ordered today.



We have all watched in horror at the atrocities being committed in Syria over the past few years. Civilians have been murdered by a heartless tyrant, whose forces step over children’s corpses as they continue on their march to consolidate power. The world has not done enough to stop this.


We have not done enough to stop this.


That being said, the administration’s decision to strike Syria today was rash and irresponsible for a few critical reasons.


1.) The US has been engaged in the Syrian conflict since 2014, and any strikes in “sustained military action” require Congressional authorization.

2) Congressional authorization would define what the US’s role and objectives are. We cannot continue to allow our military to be sent on missions with no clear goals and ever shifting tactics, some which are directly in conflict with the expert advice from the ground.

3) It is unconscionable that these strikes will directly worsen the living conditions for Syrian civilians, and yet we have closed our doors to the very refugees we are helping to create.

4) We have no solid grasp on what reactions this strike will elicit from Syrian allies, such a Russia, and we stand on the precipice of a war with hazy enemies and allies.


Top military officials, including General Mattis, have cautioned against the air strikes as potentially leading to another endless war, another power vacuum that further destabilizes the region. Those same advisors have stated the Administration’s tweets threatening those strikes makes Syrian Strikes by the US inevitable.


Foreign Policy and “sustained military action” decisions should not be driven by tweets.   


Before the Administration takes any further actions in Syria, Congress must be part of the decision-making process. The decisions made now will affect Syrians, and Americans, for years to come.


About Deedra Abboud: Deedra Abboud is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate from Arizona. She runs on a progressive platform that advocates for the rights of all Arizonans. A Phoenix-based attorney and founder of the leadership consulting firm, the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership, Deedra is highly respected for her community leadership and advocacy. For more information, visit



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