Response to DACA Being Rescinded

Deedra Abboud, Candidate for U.S. Senate on the Decision to Rescind DACA

Phoenix, Arizona: September 5, 2017 Arizona Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate, Deedra Abboud released the following statement in response to the devastating phase-out of DACA:

“Langston Hughes once said, “A dream deferred is a dream denied.” With today’s announcement of the DACA repeal, 800,000 Dreamers have been denied their futures. 

America is better than this. The Dreamers were children when they came to this country, the only one they have ever known. They didn’t make the choice to come here, but by all accounts they seized the opportunity. They are doctors and lawyers, teachers and aid workers. 

At this very moment, while the administration is signing away their future, many DACA recipients are hard at work in Houston, cleaning up after Superstorm Harvey. Even as legislative devastation bears down on them, they haven’t lost sight of what it means to be American.

The Dreamers represent the very best of us. We must pressure Congress to protect them, the American Dream must not be denied.”

About Deedra Abboud: Deedra Abboud is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate from Arizona. She runs on a progressive platform that advocates for the rights of all Arizonans. A Phoenix-based attorney and founder of the leadership consulting firm, the Global Institute of Solution Oriented Leadership, Deedra is highly respected for her community leadership and advocacy. For more information, visit


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