I really believe in doing what you say, saying what you do, and holding people accountable, including myself.

As an attorney, I also really believe in the power of contracts.

I have now signed the Contract For American Renewal (CFAR). The CFAR contract is based on a, "paradigm-shifting, game-changing way to introduce honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability, into our electoral process, putting people — the vast majority of U.S. citizens — back in the driver’s seat." 




The legally binding pledge states that I will work in favor of non-partisan legislation that is largely agreed upon by most of the U.S. For example, raising the minimum wage to $15, implementing bold measures to change climate change, ending the war in Afghanistan, dismantling Citizen's United, and making no reductions to the existing benefits of Medicare.

The contract ends with what you can expect from me, defining a violation of the contract on my part, what I will do if I fail to comply with the contract, and how I can be held legally accountable by voters. 

Keep reading below to read the entire contract. 


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Deedra Abboud for U.S. Senate