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"America was founded on the principle of doing what others said cannot be done." Learn more about Deedra's historic campaign.

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Deedra Abboud brings a fresh perspective to Arizona politics, and is motivated by the belief that We The People can and will show the country what a diverse and exceptional state Arizona is.

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How Can You Help?

August 28th is closer than ever! I am on the campaign trail every single day, giving it my very all. But the truth is, I cannot meet every single person in Arizona. Despite how many doors we knock on (join us!) or how many events I attend, there are people who have to be reached alternatively. That's where you come in.

We're Officially on the Ballot!

We have some big news!! 7,764. Seven thousand, seven hundred and sixty four.  That's how many of you signed my petition.  When I started this campaign over a year ago, critics said we’d never even make the ballot. Fortunately I didn’t listen to the critics, I listened to the people!

My Story is the American Story

My story is the quintessential American Story. My journey is your journey. I was born and raised in Arkansas, the youngest of four girls raised by a single parent. My mom worked two or three jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I remember her always being tired, so tired. But even three jobs were not enough to afford health insurance, so my mother lived in constant fear, knowing we were one ER visit or serious illness away from being homeless.  

A Campaign Free of Corporate Money

Campaign finance reform is a must. Citizens United was a disastrous 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed big business to pour unlimited money into the political landscape, eroding the power of the people and giving special interests a direct highway to influencing our government. Corporations want there to be only one way into Washington, and it’s a toll road.

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